Restrictions of our freedoms are still in place, but there is freedom with cryptocurrencies


“Those who do not like freedom always try to take advantage of moments of crisis to proclaim the restriction of freedom. Let us not fall into this trap.” these are the words of the Brazilian Foreign Minister, Ernesto Araujo. While he did not directly say who the words were directed to when he spoke last year, he clarified the next day that he was referring to the WEF.

Freedom and the Great Reset

We have already brought you several articles about the Great Reset and what it all entails. But how are individual states embracing this effort? Opinions vary. While some states are lukewarm about the Great Reset, Brazil can be said to view the Great Reset as restrictions of freedom. It should be noted, however, that in his speech at the UN, the Minister called for coordination and cooperation during the crisis at international level, while at national level he believes that countries should handle their policy themselves.

Different views

The Great Reset can be viewed in different ways. It is presented as a reset of the whole society, which is welcomed by some and condemned by others. But it is true that some lines can be understood in the spirit of a complete change of the world, where many people will no longer have the jobs they have now and will be pushed to use a one-world currency that will be digital. For many people, this creates a sense of control and totalitarianism that is at odds with the freedom in which we live today.

The world of cryptocurrencies

Of course, there are alternatives that many people are flocking to. For example, cryptocurrencies are a great alternative that will bring you both freedom and security if you know, how to handle them properly. If you haven’t found your way to cryptocurrencies yet, you can do so with our PlatonCoin (PLTC). Thanks to our ecosystem, you can dive into the world of cryptocurrencies instantly and safely. All you need to do is set up your own digital wallet, which is insured, so it offers maximum security.


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