Fiat money is just a lie, but yet everyone is still using it


Fiat money is just a lie. Many people use it daily. They go to work to earn it and pay the bills. And they try to earn more or save more. But did you know that this is one of the greatest lies in history?

Let’s take a look at how fiat lies to us and how it actually started.

How it all began?

Simply. In order for people to be able to afford something to what they did not have access from their own resources, barter began. A family that had grain gave part of their harvest to a family that had eggs, and vice versa. That sounds fair, doesn’t it? It was, but there were complications. What if you needed milk, not eggs? What if nobody wanted your grain?

Over time, these complications were solved by the use of something precious and scarse as currency, such as gold.  Later gold was replaced by IOU notes, backed by gold in banks. Further down the road, the so called gold standard was abolished and it has resulted in today’s situation, where there is the possibility of an endless supply of money, backed by nothing. But on what principle does fiat work? You’re guessing right, it’s trust.

Today’s currency works on the same principle as if someone offered you a leaf from a tree and said that from now on it has value and you can buy the things you need for it. No one would believe such a person if they were not really very naive. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. People started trading food for leaves. We just call those letters banknotes. Isn’t that a little weird?

It’s time to shut down this system

Today’s monetary system is basically just a connection between the government and the central bank – with you in the middle. You may have heard or seen that fiat money has no real value. Only the one based on people’s trust. But it’s time to stop this and let take back the power of real currency, where you will be the real owner of your money. You will decide what you will buy and how you will spend your money. The system that allows that are cryptocurrencies based on blockchain instead on government regulations and third parties.


Fiat money is the greatest deception and lie in human history. We are slowly approaching a time when the financial system will be free and people will own their money. The decisions we make today are slowly moving us into a free future.

Source: cointelegraph.com

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