Evolution is natural – even for the internet


Evolution is as old as humanity itself. It even existed before humanity. The same goes for technology. Since you are now reading this article thanks to the internet, have you ever thought about where it will develop?

Let’s take a look at where the internet could evolve.

Let’s dig into the history

What exactly is the internet? It is a system of interconnected networks. At the beginning, it was built to serve mainly scientists and the military so that they could communicate. But once it spread, it changed the lives of many people. It works in several layers and every day it can supply us with the information we are looking for. Put simply, it was a breakthrough in the development of human society. Everything has accelerated unexpectedly, life is faster and often easier.

Recently, however, another technology joined the game. Such a technology, which is as revolutionary as the internet was back in the 1970s, when it had only 4 nodes and was used for university communication. We are talking about blockchain technology. Why is it so revolutionary? Because it rewrites everything we know until now. This is a natural evolution.

What might be waiting for us?

Blockchain is an open-source, decentralized technology that can be called a database. The nice thing is that there is no need to access one main center, but each device can have its own copy. However, the main advantage is that the movement on the network will be ours and no one will be able to take it from us. Do you need to pay a bill? It is not a problem, you pay it directly to the supplier, without a third party, for example in the form of a payment gateway. Blockchain is not owned by anyone, so no one will own your data – except you.


However, we can still expect some restrictions on use. No one wants to repeat the mistakes that many people have made with the internet. However, regulation will need to be adjusted to compromise between the benefits and the necessary protection of privacy. There are many people on the internet who are able to say everything about themselves and do not realize that the internet can be a very dangerous place. Privacy is one of the most valuable things you can have. Evolution is needed for our better future.

Source: entrepreneur.com

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