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Here you will find a list of articles that are available for free in our new Education section. Select a topic that you would like to find out more about and a full article will open. 

Tip: If you do not know some of the terms, used in the articles, use our vocabulary with explanation.

Education – Beginners

What is money, two types of money

Money rules the world; that is an indisputable fact. Money, money, money… We either own it or spend our whole lives looking for it. But what exactly is money, and where does it come from?

History and development of money

Money existed in the past and also exists today in various forms. Practically anything people generally consider a means of exchange can be regarded as money. People in distinct historical periods used different forms of money.

Role and functions of money

Money possesses three primary functions. Do you know, what are they?

What is currency

From the English current = in circulation, the term currency is a generally accepted form of money or medium of exchange occurring in any form. What does it include?

Advantages and disadvantages of fiat currencies

The term has nothing to do with an Italian elegant on four wheels well known for its unreliability. Do you know, what does it mean?

Role of a central bank

A central bank is a public institution and has an important role in the economy of each country. What role is it?

What is cryptocurrency

Maybe you asked yourself the same question – what exactly is cryptocurrency?

When and why was cryptocurrency created

You probably know, what was the first cryptocurrency, but do you know why and how it was created?

Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies

The number of cryptocurrencies is growing every day. However, they vary greatly from a real store of value to so called scam coins.

Decentralization of cryptocurrencies

Decentralization is a fashionable term, a buzzword of these days, but what does it mean in practice?

Features of cryptocurrencies

Are you wondering why cryptocurrencies are becoming popular and attracting more and more attention from institutional investors?

Use of cryptocurrencies

The use of cryptocurrencies is currently a hot debate topic. So how can you use them?

Cryptocurrency, digital currency and virtual currency

New forms of currencies include cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and virtual currencies. Many people tend to confuse or put these terms on the same level, but they significantly differ. Do you know how?

Cryptocurrency, token, stablecoin, CBDC

The legendary Bitcoin has been gradually complemented by more and more projects, which often operate on completely different principles. As a result, internal differentiation has become more pronounced, with the umbrella term cryptocurrency encompassing projects that are miles apart.

Inflation, stagflation, quantitative easing, interest rates

Do you know the difference between inflation and stagflation and how they relate to interest rates and quantitative easing?


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