This economic crisis may not just be another crisis

economic crisis

The words “economic crisis” could make us think that many things can collapse. The truth is that another crisis awaits us. But will it really be just another crisis?

Let’s take a look at how another economic crisis may not be a complete crisis.

Is inflation really that much needed?

Technology is constantly pushing our development forward. Thanks to it, development is much easier, time is accelerating and we can work quickly and efficiently. But there is one thing that does not fit into this model. There are ever-increasing prices of basic things. For example food and housing. Many people today cannot afford to live in their own property because prices have risen very high. However, everyone tells us that inflation is needed to achieve economic growth. But is it really so?

When you look at inflation from all sides, is it really needed? Why would we want prices to keep rising and how should this guarantee economic growth? The reason is more or less logical. When you think of the supply and demand rule, just think when the government decides to intervene, for example through price controls. Demand will rise, but supply remains, and it is precisely this mechanism that drives us to this state. With this in mind, the coming economic crisis is taking on a new dimension.

Cryptocurrencies can be the solution

Due to inflation, many people turned to cryptocurrencies. In cryptocurrencies, many people see protection against inflation. The next crisis that awaits us could help us in further development and also the adoption of digital, decentralized currencies. If you are not sure whether it is a good idea to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, you can first study with us and get acquainted with digital currencies. Then you can try investing in our PlatonCoin (PLTC), which offers you a wide range of applications and an insured digital wallet. When you are ready, even economic crisis can’t surprise you.

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