Digitization of employee benefits in PlatonLife


The private sector is an effective environment for testing as well as introducing new possibilities for the application of digitization. The introduction of innovation through virtual currencies opens up new, as yet unregulated opportunities at various levels, including employee benefits.

Employee benefits change

Therefore, it is not surprising that employment relations will also undergo a transformation in a short time and also the remuneration or reward systems will be affected. Before employees were rewarded for quality work, for example in the form of paid tours, rehabilitation stays or selected commodities. Such a system has been implemented through “twinning”, i.e. partnerships between companies. However, the application of this system has almost completely disappeared. The idea of rewarding employees with holidays or selected commodities is not bad at all.

Platon Life ecosystem

Platon Finance resurrected the system through an ecosystem using the PlatonCoin digital currency. The retail sector, which becomes part of the Platon Life platform, represents not only a business relationship but also a partnership. The diversity of goods and services of the retail sector and their connection through Platon Life expands the possibility of gaining potential customers, not only in the private sector, but also recipients of corporate benefits – employees.

Platon Wallet

Employers can connect their companies’ social funds to the digital ecosystem by opening a centralized Corporate Platon wallet, where it will be possible to generate personalized Platon Wallets for each employee. Employees will be able to use the acquired PlatonCoin at their own discretion and exchange it for goods or services with partner companies – Retail merchants, registered in the Platon Life database.

Join Platon Life and enjoy the benefits

The application of the above system creates the possibility of interconnection of traders, employers and employees through a digitized, modern form, where each side benefits from the partnership and all is carried out in a secure, transparent and digital form.

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