Decentralization is the key to a fairer society, but how to achieve it?


Decentralization of society is a common goal of all cryptocurrencies. It is not just the decentralization of the banking world, but gradually of all corners. Such a world doesn’t have to be a dream, right now, everyone can start living a slightly more decentralized life as we speak. However, it is not just about owning cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at it.

Decentralization and respect

There’s been a saying for years, “treat others the way you want to be treated”, and it’s certainly true everywhere. In blockchain technology, horizontal delegation works so that all users and all work are equally respected. Another point is information sharing. Although you seem to have less and less control over the information you share publicly, steps can be taken to restore that control, at least in part. Each site must tell you what information you are sharing, and from there you can also edit it to control the sharing yourself.

Help exactly where you need it

If you donate to charity, there is the option to donate and support using cryptocurrencies or NFTs to ensure the middleman is eliminated and help exactly where needed. Decentralization can also be used in urban development. Many cities prefer to be a hub for tourism rather than improve the quality of life for their citizens. There, blockchain technology could help to give a voice at the local level. Everyone would be involved. Many companies are trying to provide access to a better life for many people through decentralized platforms. Why not support such technologies?

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Small steps towards a more decentralized society can be taken by everyone, and it is quite possible that over time these small steps will become big leaps and a fairer society where people respect each other, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain can help humanity with the technologies needed to make this evolution.


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