Could the metaverse become a new field for frauds?

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What is a metaverse?

A metaverse is a virtual world that could connect people even more than social networks. The concept of a metaverse was not known to the general public much until recently, when Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of the Facebook owner company to Meta and explained that the metaverse is the future.

What can you do in the metaverse?

The metaverse is the place where people will be able to meet, work, study, play games, buy goods and services and not leave their homes to do so. It uses virtual reality for all that. Virtual reality is meant to provide people and businesses (or more accurately, their avatars) with an environment for building and maintaining connections, having fun, sharing content or working as a team. But it will also provide them with opportunities for shopping, trading and investing.

How will you pay in the metaverse?

That means that there will be a need for a currency or currencies and since metaverse is purely digital, it will have to be a digital currency or currencies as well. Where there is money and opportunities for profit, even if they don’t take the form of notes and coins, sooner or later, crime and fraudsters will logically emerge as well.

Can you lose your money in the metaverse?

Experts point out that the metaverse is a virtually unregulated area. The absence of oversight by institutions such as central banks, exchange commissions and the like also means a lack of protection mechanisms for potential victims of crime. The newness of the world is also linked to the fact that people do not yet know how to navigate it. It will therefore attract the attention of a large number of vulnerable users who may become easy targets for attacks.

How to join the metaverse safely?

There were already some activities of cybercriminals noticed, who create schemes targeting cryptocurrencies or NFTs used to identify and access the metaverse. We therefore warn that visitors to the metaverse must be very careful. One of the safest ways to join the recent NFT hype for example, is to enter the metaverse with a trusted and proven service provider.

What are the advantages of the Platon Life ecosystem?

The Platon Life ecosystem has been in the cryptocurrency field since 2017. It offers a safe and ensured digital wallet for up to 1 million Euro, not only for its native digital currency PlatonCoin, but also for other favourite digital currencies. The ecosystem is growing every year. As of the end of 2021 Platon Life ecosystem consisted of Platon Wallet, Platon Pay, Platon Store and Platon Auction.

NFTs safely with Platon Life

For 2022 Platon Life team is working on a safe entry point to the metaverse and a safe way to purchase NFTs with customer service available in case of need. So if you are considering entering the new and exciting world of metaverse, Platon Life is one of the options for how to look around safely.


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