Do we have a chance that the quantum future will come soon, or is it still more like science fiction?

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We have already told you about quantum computers, as such. Now it’s time to think about whether these computers are advanced enough to have a chance to compete with the mainstream devices of today. Let’s take a look at whether it’s possible that development will advance enough in the near future for us to buy our first quantum computer.

Chances of acceleration

Quantum computers work on a completely different principle than the classical computers we know today. Unlike the bits that classical computers work with, quantum computers work with qubits. This means they don’t work with finite bits, but with interconnected qubits. However, this allows quantum computers to go through all the possibilities at once and work faster than classical computers. So if quantum computers were to reach humans, we would have a chance of making our time a bit more valuable again.

The problems of quantum computers

But before quantum computers become widespread among humans, there are still 2 major problems that hinder both building and spreading. One is the hardware and random noise problem and the other is in the software.


In order to have a reliable quantum computer, it needs to have enough qubits. This is the same as today’s computers – the more GB in RAM or graphics card, the faster the operations. In the case of a quantum computer, we’re talking about at least 1000 qubits, maybe more. Another problem in hardware is random noise or loss of information, because then the information is not transferred in its entirety. However, the solution to this problem is known – by adding redundant qubits.


The software and algorithms that we have and work with today will definitely not work on a quantum computer, they cannot take advantage of the quantum possibilities. Therefore, basically everything will have to be re-created in quantum so that applications can take full advantage of the quantum computer. But here lies the chance that we will see better programs that are faster, safer and much more secure.

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There are still many problems that need to be solved before we see quantum computers that we can buy and use. The current most advanced quantum computers have around 100 qubits, which is still a tenth of what we would need. But there is still a chance that development will move forward, unfortunately not in the near future.


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