Most Americans are afraid of inflation, should we be afraid too?

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The world is starting to be afraid of inflation. It was still here, but due to the pandemic, it is higher than before. How do people perceive inflation? Let’s take a look at the data provided by the CivicScience survey.

Why it matters

Inflation always has a reaction. When the prices of basic things and housing increase, people look for other forms of earnings or demand a salary increase as they are afraid of the future. Another reaction is that many people will not be able to afford to live as they are used to and overall living standards will fall. For many people, their own housing will be more distant than ever before, people will lose their security and worry about their future.

What you can hear

A total of 77% of Americans are very afraid of inflation. Mostly people aged 35 to 54. Furthermore, Generation Z is very concerned. This is a generation that has not yet experienced inflation in full swing. Young people are also concerned about inflation. Prices of housing and petrol rose by 9.6% in February. Inflation thus becomes the number one risk.

What it could mean

Rising prices can plunge many people into poverty. Already during the pandemic, many people ended up without a job and the prospects for the future are not good for them at all.

What you can do

It is certainly a good idea to protect yourself from inflation. There are many ways to do this. One of them is, for example, investing in various types of assets. You do not need to invest much. Small, regular amounts are perfectly fine. If you are not sure where to start, try our Platon Trading Academy, where you will learn everything you need to know before you start investing. Above all, remember the golden rule of investing: invest only as much as you can afford to lose.


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