Can age play a role in how you understand cryptocurrencies?


Is it possible that age can have an impact on understanding cryptocurrencies? Surveys and studies show that cryptocurrencies tend to be preferred by people from the younger generation. So, if someone doesn’t understand cryptocurrencies, could they basically just be old? Let’s take a look at this.

Age can play a role

Cryptocurrencies have been moving the market in a very impressive way for a few years now, and there is a growing adoption. This has caught the attention of many large investors who are not involved in cryptocurrencies at all. There, investors can be divided into two groups – those who readily accept cryptocurrencies and perceive their merits, and those who resolutely reject cryptocurrencies and warn everyone around them not to invest in them. And then there’s Lee Cooperman, the American billionaire investor, who, while he doesn’t see the point of cryptocurrencies and the rise in their price, also adds that his age may be a factor.

Cryptocurrencies vs. gold

Cooperman does not understand cryptocurrencies, but on the other hand he believes that the US government should not view cryptocurrencies as a substitute for the US dollar, but should consider the legality of cryptocurrency and follow the example of El Salvador. He also recommends investing in gold rather than cryptocurrencies for people who are worried about their economic future. However, it is clearly seen that cryptocurrencies have a much higher and better performance than gold.


Age can really play a role. Therefore, when implementing new technologies, it is necessary to think about everyone, even older people who can no longer get to grips with new technologies as quickly. If you taught your grandparents how to use a touch-tone phone, imagine if they had to use a digital wallet. The same thing may happen to you in the future; technology may come along that doesn’t make sense to you at an older age. So there is definitely a need for these people not to be left out either.

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