Our economy and lives will be influenced by these 8 factors

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There are now 8 main factors, that will influence the economy and its development in the future. Problem is that we don’t know what kind of impact that will be.

Let’s take a look at these situations.

The problem of three bodies

If you’ve ever studied math and physics a little in depth, then you will have come across something called the three-body problem. This refers to celestial mechanics, where the goal is to predict the motion of three bodies that interact with each other via gravity. We currently have something similar in the economy. However, there are not just three bodies, but eight.

The economic problem of eight bodies / factors

Let’s see what the factors are about.

Factor No. 1

The service economy has collapsed. And we have no chance of predicting when and if it will return to normal.

Factor No. 2

During the crisis, we saw huge interventions by central banks. For example, american Fed was printing money to keep the economy afloat. However, this does not go on indefinitely. How will this situation escalate in the coming years?

Factor No. 3

We keep so called zombie companies alive. These companies refinance their debts at lower rates. But it can’t go on forever like this.

Factor No. 4

We have a global depression here. Global trade is collapsing and it affects the whole world.

Factor No. 5

There is a tidal wave waiting. Since April, an average of 6 companies a week with assets worth more than $ 50 million have filed for bankruptcy in the US alone. This number will grow and it will be very bad.

Factor No. 6

The working class will recover as the last. These people have to live more or less operatively. We are talking about tens of millions of people who cannot work from home. These people are looking for alterative ways to take care of their children and families. But what happens if schools do not open?

Factor No. 7

On the other hand, many new enterprises will appear. Entrepreneurs have not been prepared for unexpected events, such as a pandemic. Those who will survive or emerge now, will be ready for anything.

Factor No. 8

We are in the midst of a huge transformation of society. Technology is improving and the world is slowly preparing to become digital, including our financial system and transfer to digital currencies.


Each of these factors will have a huge impact. But we don’t know yet what the impact will be. One thing is certain. If you do not want to lose your money and its value, you need to let your money work. Think about what is happening around you and where it can go. We are just at the beginning.

Source: mauldineconomics.com

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