Was 2020 a “bad” year just because of a pandemic?

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In 2020, the main event of the year was the pandemic. But was that the only thing that happened that year?

Let’s take a look at what else happened in 2020 and what caused it.

What is made must be sold

You have probably learned in history that there was an economic shortage in the first half of the last century. No one had to deal with economic growth because it simply was. But then technology and its development came into play, and around the 1970s, growth slowed and then the problem of overproduction arose.

There have also been efforts that, as humans, we should pay less attention to material wealth and pay more attention to humanity. However, we are waging this fight until now. In 2008 came the crisis, which essentially marked the end of globalism. But the quest for cheap labor, which will spend a lot has not subsided.

What we own has become an indicator of social status, so people buy things they don’t need. Innovation is needed, that’s true, but now we’re in a consumer society where everyone will value your position based on your assets.

The view needs to be changed

All over the world, when what you own shows others your position, this attitude needs to change. Why not start today to find out that everything could work differently? Such a society will know absolutely everything about you and your privacy needs to be protected. Platon Finance offers you the opportunity to look at finance from a different angle. To test new approaches and methods and to move forward instead of look back at what was wrong.

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