Decentralization is the key to a fairer society, but how to achieve it?


Decentralization of society is a common goal of all cryptocurrencies. It is not just the decentralization of the banking world, but gradually of all corners. Such a world doesn’t have to be a dream, right now, everyone can start living a slightly more decentralized life as we speak. However, it is not just about owning

Blockchain could help provide financial access to those who don’t have it


Blockchain is helping to change the way we perceive the digital world. It was the first ever to bring equal opportunities for all, complete transparency and the elimination of intermediaries. As a result, many companies around the world are trying to use blockchain to bring equal opportunities to those who don’t have access to them.

Hot news: JPMorgan has enabled its clients to trade crypto assets


Key message: JPMorgan, a US investment bank, has made cryptocurrency trading available to all its clients. It is the first major US bank to offer this option to its retail wealth clients. JPMorgan and cryptoassets On 19 July, the bank sent a memorandum to advisers confirming the ability to access Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust, Bitcoin Cash

What could creation of CBDCs mean for cryptocurrencies?

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In fact, since the creation of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, efforts have been made to regulate cryptocurrencies. In recent years, they have also been pushing for their own digital currencies. Mostly on the suggestion that digital currencies like Bitcoin are threats in their view. Let’s take a look at what central bank digital currencies could

The benefits of digital identity and why it shout be decentralized

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Although the term digital identity might sound a bit scary, it’s nothing to worry about. Basically, everyone who uses the internet in some way has such an identity. Email is another example, as well as social network profile. But what if there is a way to make even things you can’t transfer to the internet

Hot news: Grayscale became a SEC-regulated company with its Digital Large Cap Fund

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Key message: Grayscale, the US digital asset giant, has become an SEC reporting company. It received this approval for its Digital Large Cap Fund, which consists of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic.  Grayscale as an SEC-reportable company Grayscale has been talked about several times in connection with cryptocurrencies, for example when it

El Salvador has shown us that it can be done in other ways, will other governments follow suit?

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We brought you the news that El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. This was a pretty big step towards mass adoption of Bitcoin. However, reactions to this adoption have been very different from different countries. Let’s take a look at them. Same arguments over and over again Even on the day El Salvador

Open-source allows us to see things differently, how can we take advantage of this?


Open-source applications are all around us. Many people use the Linux operating system, the Mozilla web browser, or even have an Android phone. These are applications, or even operating systems, that help users who are technically savvy to further improve and develop source code, the documentation of which is freely available. Let’s take a look

The race for digital currencies, is it really just about simplifying the economy?


If anything characterizes governments, it is competition. In the 1960s it was a race to see who could get into space and land on the moon first; now it is a different, more down-to-earth race. Now it’s a race for the top spot in CBDC, the central bank’s digital currency. It is a thrilling watch.

Hot News: Collaboration will enable 650 U.S. banks to offer cryptocurrency purchases

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Key message: A new collaboration between the National Cash Register (NCR) and New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) will enable 650 U.S. banks to offer cryptocurrency purchases and services to more than 24 million customers. Clients will be able to purchase Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies using their bank accounts. This is a direct competition

Institutions are slowly changing their minds about cryptocurrencies, what’s behind it?

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Some institutions want nothing to do with cryptocurrencies and are making this clear. Others welcome them. And then there are those that were against cryptocurrencies to begin with and then turned to them anyway. One such company is the Wells Fargo Investment Institute, which recently published a report revealing its strategy for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Quantum physics – fundamentals and applicability to cryptocurrencies


Although it may not seem like it, quantum physics can help in several ways in the future with the development and further refinement of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Therefore, it is good to know the basics of quantum physics. So let’s take a look at them. What is quantum physics Quantum physics is a set of