Deloitte survey: 83% of people believe digital assets will replace money in 10 years

digital currencies

A global blockchain survey by Deloitte told us that 83% of people believe that digital assets have a high chance to replace the classic fiat money within 10 years.

In China, that number is even higher. No surprise there, seeing as China are already massively working to release digital currency.

Blockchain is becoming more and more popular

The survey polled 1,488 executives and experts from 14 countries. These are experts with extensive knowledge in the field of blockchain.

The numbers speak for themselves, 40% of organizations have already implemented blockchain in their production. It was only 23% a year ago, and more than half of respondents (55%) think that blockchain is the highest strategic priority. More and more companies are also hiring people with experience in blockchain. This year there are 82% of them, last year there were 73% of them.

86% of respondents answered that they perceive a strong reason to use blockchain technology. At the same time more than half, 54%, think that blockchain is overestimated. However, we may encounter obstacles that prevent companies from implementing blockchain. 21% of companies warn that cyber security prevents them from implementing their strategy. Another 58% described these concerns as one of the main problems affecting the implementation itself.

Constantly moving

Blockchain is constantly evolving. In 2018 blockchain was successfully implemented for the first time in a practical sense, where once it was just a theory. However, we still have environments where blockchain cannot be used, such as digital identity. 90% of respondents believe that blockchain will be an important part of their strategy in the future.

Respondents were also asked where they thought the global digital identity would have the greatest impact. For 29%, the answer regarded financial transactions. Privacy and ownership was the answer for 27%. Surprisingly, respondents gave much less weight to law, health care and travel.


Blockchain and digital assets are becoming more and more popular and are reaching the general public. This will change the strategy and functioning of many things. From the sale of apartments / houses through to medical care. We will see what the future brings us.


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