Influence of digital revolution on employment

digitalizace, digitální

Every industrial revolution represents a shift in human society to a higher level. There is an increase in the efficiency of production and management of services, which contribute to saving time of the productive part of the population. But how will the progress of digital revolution and automation affect employment?

Automation and what will come next

The introduction of automation affects not only the production sector but also services. More than 47% of activities will be gradually transformed into an automated form due to technological progress. However, this change will not have such a negatively expected effect or impact on employment.

A change in societal needs will contribute to accelerate the disappearance of some of today’s jobs, but also to the emergence of new ones. Today, it is realistic to talk about more than 65% substitution rate of current jobs, for which we do not even have complex names today.

Cognitive and manual tasks will be transformed into a more automated form, which will lead primarily to a significant increase in the level of education. And it is upgrading skills that will play a key role in the coming years. Yes, it is more than realistic to expect a gap in the labor market, as the majority of our society will polarize between capable and incompetent.

Changes will affect us all and it has already started

The changes will also affect the services sector. Digital revolution and automation will gradually penetrate banking, finance, general administration, but also significantly retail activities, where a significant part of the productive society will be concentrated in the future. It is the increase in online sales that will be more focused on meeting the needs of end customers, which will cause a predicted increase in demand of up to 20% for new jobs.

Will machines replace our current jobs?

Whether our current jobs will be replaced by machines in the future is a question to which almost everyone can answer today. Yes, most of them. Other jobs will be significantly changed. However, it is always necessary to take into account that automation will bring with it a need for maintenance, repairs and interventions, which will require the presence of a human factor. And of course, as it was proven many times before, return to the past is not possible, but the progress of society can be more beneficial for us in many ways.


On the one hand, there will be a reduction in working hours, but at the same time we will devote more free time to improving our education. For only the hardworking and educated will have a bright future in the world to come.