Hot news: John McAfee was found dead in his prison cell

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Key message: on 23 June 2021 John McAfee died. He was found dead in his cell in Barcelona just hours after a Spanish court agreed to his transfer to the United States. He was imprisoned in Spain on tax evasion charges. All indications are that he took his own life. An autopsy is being planned to determine the cause of death.

John McAfee

John McAfee became known not only for his controversy and first commercial antivirus program, but in the cryptocurrency world he was known for his promotion of cryptocurrencies. In one of his last interviews, he said that he no longer has any assets in cryptocurrencies, but he has no regrets. He was a controversial figure in his later years, probably participating in pump and dump schemes and many ICOs, for which he did not disclose payments afterwards.

He was indicted in the US in early October 2020 for tax evasion and that he allegedly scammed his way to $4 million. The money was supposed to come from promoting cryptocurrencies, lectures, selling the rights to his life story for a documentary and consulting work. He was then detained at an airport in Spain as he tried to board a flight to Turkey. When he heard the extradition ruling earlier this month, he claimed it was a politically motivated effort.

People will remember John McAfee, not only for his pioneering work in the antivirus software market, but also as an enfant terrible of the cryptocurrency pioneering years, who was never far from trouble, but did a lot of work on promoting cryptocurrencies among the wide public.


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