When crypto market went down, exchanges followed, but do not be alarmed

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The crypto market means something different to everyone. Whether it’s just a playground for speculation or a source of livelihood, you certainly didn’t miss the latest fall of the primary cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But can this market crash be considered a disaster, or is there some silver lining to this cloud?

Exchanges crash too

The truth is that when pressured by the crypto market crash and many investors attempting to sell at once, crypto exchanges often crash down and do not function as they should. On the other hand, decentralized ones have never failed their users. That is one of the reasons, why PlatonCoin is not traded on many of these largest centralized exchanges and not connected to other cryptocurrencies as much. The value behind PlatonCoin is in its use within the ecosystem Platon Life, such as for staking, purchasing vouchers and more.

The potential of cryptocurrencies

Many people lost their money during the crypto exchange crash. However it is important to see beyond that. With this in mind, realize that cryptocurrencies offer far more potential than many people can imagine in today’s world. Digital currencies, which include blockchain technology, have proven over the time again that they will work even if many events happen at once or the system is crashing down.

A better future

Digital currencies can thus secure the payments and the whole paymene system in the future or at least serve as an alternative to the current system, should it start failing. However it is important to keep on mind the limits of the digital currencies, such as the need to secure them against hacker attacks.

What you can do

If you would like to broaden your horizons about digital currencies, and perhaps learn something new about our digital currency PlatonCoin or our insured digital wallet, you can start with our web page. If woul yould like to know more about trading digital currencies, you can start studying with our Platon Trading Academy. 

Source: bloomberg.com

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