Blockchain could help provide financial access to those who don’t have it

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Blockchain is helping to change the way we perceive the digital world. It was the first ever to bring equal opportunities for all, complete transparency and the elimination of intermediaries. As a result, many companies around the world are trying to use blockchain to bring equal opportunities to those who don’t have access to them. Let’s take a look at this.

Limited or no access

In many countries, women often struggle to access finance. Not that it is impossible, but for a variety of reasons the access to finances for women is not as available as for men. The truth is that the pandemic may have exacerbated this situation because of closed institutions. In some countries, women have to make long journeys to account / credit providers because of inadequate infrastructure.

Another challenge is opening a bank account and possibly reporting assets that in some places women cannot legally hold. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies could therefore change this approach and promote women’s financial inclusion.

Blockchain can help

Blockchain technology could help with these issues. With the help of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, women who do not currently have access to the financial world could gain this access. Of course, there are other issues that go along with this, such as financial literacy.

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Limited or no access to the financial world is not only a concern for women, but also for many other people who could then be given access to finance through cryptocurrencies. This would be a giant leap forward in terms of financial literacy and free access to finance. Many companies are already working on these possibilities. With blockchain, we can achieve a truly free world that brings equal opportunities to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.


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