Access to money should not be taken as granted


If you have access to money, you probably take it for granted. Did you know some people are not so lucky?

Let’s take a look at how money is not so fair.

The problem is obvious

For most of you, it certainly seems perfectly normal to receive your wages on your bank account and withdraw money at any time or leave it on your account. Unfortunately, access to a bank account is not a reality for 31% of the world’s population. Being financially self-sufficient is simply impossible in some countries. The truth is, that the financial system, which should try to erase these differences, is doing nothing about it. The question is whether it is really good to trust a system that does not give access to everyone.

The solution is within reach

Thanks to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the gate to a new world of finance is opening up for us. This is a world where access will not be a problem and finances will be for everyone, regardless of race, age or religion. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, is making the same effort as Elon Musk, to make the Internet accessible to everyone. Jack Dorsey used his company Square to make cryptocurrencies available to those who do not have the opportunity to open a bank account.


It is clear that cryptocurrencies are a future where access to finance will be fair and for all. At Platon Life, we strive for such an ecosystem. We are aware of the need for access to finance and security regarding their manipulation. In addition, we have prepared study materials on how to manage your own finances and further develop your financial literacy so that you do not get lost in your finances and can further develop in this field.


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