About the Platon Life ecosystem

Platon Life combines a vision of progressively building, connecting and empowering community living and the sharing economy through today’s most advanced tools in one ecosystem.

The most important goal of the ecosystem Platon Life is thus the creation of a shared digital economy. But Platon Life is not just an ecosystem for merchants, it is an open for businesses and individuals in particular, without any discretion.

What do I get when I register?

As a comprehensive digital ecosystem, Platon Life offers three key benefits to members. The first is the possibility of passive income, the second is the possibility of receiving interesting additional discounts on partner products and services in the Platon Store and the third is the possibility of trading on the stock exchange.

In addition, the ecosystem also serves to connect companies with each other, between companies and their clients, and between individual members, providing its members with a free basic level of education in finance and the digital economy, important information in the form of news summaries, additional incentives in the form of carefully selected news and updates in technology and economics, as well as expert technical analysis and other benefits.

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