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Find out what’s new in the world of modern technology, cryptocurrencies, and finance.

Company Introduction

What is blockchain? How do cryptocurrencies work, and why should you care about them?
Our company is focusing on education and the adoption of this modern finance solution.

Platon Faces

Well known faces connected to our company,
because we share the same values – hard work, focus, and a better life for us and our family.

Our Partners

Check out our regularly updated list of partners,
who have become an integral part of our ecosystem and accept PlatonCoin.


Here is our development plan for couple of next months.

  • 05/2020


    • KYC user verification
    • PLTC / BTC / ETH exchange rate display and PLTC value according to the current rate
    • Bug fixing
  • 06/2020


    • KYC liveness check / ID selfie – next level of users protection
    • Bug fixing
  • 07/2020


    • Exchange (conversion between BTC/ETH/BCH/XLM) – PLTC later
    • New cryptocurrencies added – BCH, XLM, USDT
    • Option to purchase BTC/ETH for EUR/USD – PLTC later
    • Platon Pay – payment gateway for WooCommerce powered e-shops
    • Platon Life Windows application
    • Business section – the possibility of canceling the request for payment of the invoice
    • Business section – the possibility to attach the invoice as an attachment
  • 07/2020


    • Smart Wallet
    • Platon CRM 1.0 launch – business platform
  • 08/2020


    • The 1st package of the paid version of the app
    • First level referral launch
    • CRM functionality extension
    • Initial challenges and contests launch
    • Error and deficiency correction
  • 09/2020


    • The 2nd package of the paid version of the app
    • The 2nd level referral and the 1st level B2B referral launch
    • More contests and challenges
  • 10/2020


    • The 3rd (bonus) package of the paid version of the app
    • The 2nd level B2B referral launch
    • App improvements and error correction
    • CRM functionality extension
    • More contests and challenges

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